The 12th Annual FilmAid International Festival


In a post published yesterday on FilmAid International’s facebook page Suud Olat will soon visit Kenya to participate in the upcoming 12th Annual FilmAid International Festival

Suud Olat, FilmAid International board member and former refugee, visits FilmAid Kenya’s office in Nairobi and inspires all with his story. Suud, a highly motivated and outspoken refugee advocate, grew up in Dadaab Refugee Camp – one of the world’s largest refugee settlements. While living in Dadaab, Suud joined FilmAid Kenya as a media student and was instrumental in FilmAid’s successful project ‘Dadaab Stories’. After having lived in Dadaab for over 20 years he was resettled to the US and currently resides in Minnesota.

This year alone, Suud graduated with a degree in international relations and was awarded the “Young Leader and Outstanding Refugee Award” from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

“You are truly an inspiration to us all, Suud!” said the FilmAid. 

“First all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the FilmAid International office in Kenya for hosting me. And especially our country director for organizing this special event,” said Olat in reply. “FilmAid inspired me during difficult times when I needed words of encouragement and real support. The work of FilmAid is a blessing in my life and the lives of many refugees. Thanks for all your support to the refugees’ population”, he added. 

Suud Olat is a tireless advocate for Refugees and has been on the stage with Bono of ONE Organization. FilmAid International, a New York-based non-profit organization that provides training and empowerment programs to more than two million people worldwide. FilmAid works in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other global aid organizations.

For more information on initiatives that Suud Olat was part of, please visit and watch “Dadaab Stories” presented by Film Aid International at