This website is an online version of the “Runta Somali News Magazine”, which has been in print since 1995. Runta News is dedicated to the readers who may have missed the physical paper and want to stay regularly updated. We mainly cover stories that concern Somalis wherever they are while also covering stories that interests Muslims and Africans.

The first printed copy of Runta was published in Nairobi, Kenya where it had served the largest number of readers before moving. Now based in Seattle, WA, we shifted our focus these days on young Somalis who grew up in the US and Canada by adding subjects to our content that matters to them. The paper is bilingual in languages Somali and English, and it is published bi-weekly. Many Somalis recognize Runta as one of the best entertaining magazine they had ever came in contact with.

Our slogan has always been: Dhis Kartidadaada. Dhis Aqoontaada. Dhis Niyaddaada. Akhri Runta. Runta Waa Tan Kaliya ee Ku Qancisa. In English: Build your ability. Build your knowledge. Build your moral. Read Runta. Runta is the only one that satisfies you.

Mulki Mohamed

Managing Editor and Public Relation 

Contact at ads@runtanews.com or (206) 779-4807

Mohamud Yussuf

Publisher and Chief Editor.

Contact at editor@runtanews.com or (206) 920-0220