Muhammad Ali Signed Set of Two Islamic Prayer Books To Be Auctioned


The photos: Muhammad Ali Signed Set of Two Islamic Prayer Books, ”Prayer and Al-Islam” — Both First Editions from 1982

By Sam Heller for Runta News

LOS ANGELES, August 27, 2023 – Legendary boxer and activist Muhammad Ali signed set of ”Prayer and Al-Islam” by Imam Warith Deen Muhammad will be auctioned on August 31, 2023.The legacy of Muhammad Ali extends far beyond his prowess in the boxing ring. A transformative figure, Ali’s journey towards embracing Islam in 1964 marked a pivotal moment in his life. Renouncing his birth name, Cassius Clay, as a symbol of his determination to break free from the chains of history, he embraced the name Muhammad Ali. His faith became an integral part of his identity, guiding his convictions both in and out of the spotlight.

Ali’s unwavering ethical stance during the Vietnam War further cemented his status as a trailblazing activist. Refusing to be drafted into the war on religious and moral grounds, he faced the consequences of having his boxing titles stripped in 1966. His principled stand culminated in a landmark Supreme Court decision in 1971, overturning his conviction for draft evasion.

This auction presents an unprecedented opportunity to own a tangible piece of Ali’s spiritual journey and unwavering convictions. The set of two Islamic prayer books carries Ali’s signature, connecting the world to his profound connection to faith and humanity.Additional information on the books can be found at:

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