A New Executive Director for the East African Community Services in Seattle!


Runta News-Seattle

A news release we have received from the EACS Board of Directors announces that Munira Mohamed is the new Executive Director of the organization. Hadis Ali, Board Chair sent us the letter of the Executive Updates in which was written as this,

 Dear EACS Community,

Happy Spring! We have exciting news to share with you. We are excited to announce that we have hired our new Executive Director – Munira Mohamed! Munira’s experience, credentials (MBA) and expertise in non-profit management was a slam dunk decision to promote her from Managing Director to permanent Executive Director.

We know many of you have been following our leadership transition over the last couple of months. Please know that we deeply appreciate your support, encouragement, and investment in making this transition such a positive one. I hope you join us in welcoming Munira in her new role. In partnership with the board she is dedicated to setting a clear and audacious vision for the future of EACS.

The last couple of months have been a time of deep reflection and transition for our organization. When Faisal decided to step down as an Executive Director and move onto his new exciting adventure in the corporate world, EACS was propelled to think about our future, our strengths, areas of growth, and what kind of leader we needed to accomplish our organizational goals and vision. After having Munira in the Managing Director role for the past 3 months, it was apparent that she is not only deeply passionate about EACS and the Community at large but she has the skills and experience to lead EACS as well as a clear vision for taking the organization forward. Munira has already demonstrated her leadership and the board of directors are confident in her ability to carry our vision forward.

I would like the opportunity to acknowledge Faisal Jama our Executive Director in this last four and half years. Faisal has been a terrific leader for EACS with focus, passion, and determination. In partnership with the Board, he has been instrumental in changing EACS’s direction as a social services organization to a full fledge K-12 education organization. Faisal has continued to improve the quality of our programs including strategic planning, fundraising and marketing. EACS is now a major player in the Seattle education space and has been receiving rave reviews for empowering East African youth and preparing them for 21st century economy. We are forever grateful to Faisal for all has done for EACS and wish him well on his next endeavor.

 As always we welcome any questions and we are looking forward to continue shaking up the non-profit sector with you. Please join us as we welcome Munira to her new role and you will have the opportunity to meet her if you haven’t already. You can reach her at munira@eastafricancs.org. Please stay in touch with us about the exciting work we will be kicking off under Munira’s leadership.


 Hadis Ali

Board Chair

East African Community Services