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Sumayyah Waheed speaking before several hundred people at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.
The All In For Washington Director Sumayyah Waheed spoke after Southeast Seattle Education Coalition Executive Director Erin Okuno, to conclude the 6th annual Budget Matters event on December 6, 2017. Sumayyah had emphasized in her speech which concluded the conference the importance of that Seattle schools should provide interpreters for PTA meeting so all parents can be involved in their children’s schools. Waheed noted that our state must fix its tax code to ensure there is adequate funding for these important services. She said, “These funding problems exist because Washington state has an upside-down tax code: those with the least pay up to seven times as much of their income in state and local taxes as the wealthiest. That model is completely unsustainable for providing the funding that our communities need for programs and services. So not only are people of color and young Washingtonians disproportionately taxed, but we also constantly find our needs on the chopping block. We could have language access for all families, thriving schools in every neighborhood, and affordable housing if we clean up our tax code to eliminate special deals for the wealthy. Together, we can make these dreams reality if we call on the legislature to get rid of those special deals.”

Washington State Budget & Policy Center uses research and analysis to advance the well-being of Washington communities, improve the economic security and social opportunity of all in the state, and support the essential role of government in promoting a just and prosperous society.
They advocate for elected leaders and decision makers to: ensure the state budget and tax code sustainably and equitably invest in the priorities that serve all Washingtonians; and advance social and economic policies that lift up families with low and moderate incomes, eliminate disparities based on race, and give all Washingtonians the opportunity to thrive.
The Washington State Budget & Policy Center hosts Budget Matters conference/summit once a year. Its purpose in general is to bring together advocates, policy experts, legislators, and more from around the state to discuss how we can work together to shape key policy priorities. This year, for their half-day summit, the theme was focused on how we can work together to create an inclusive economy that provides shared prosperity for everyone. There were a few hundred people in attendance. Washington State Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib and Race Forward President Glenn Harris were the main speakers.
Photos by Matt Hagen


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