Ali Ibrahim Officially Named the VP of Oregon & SW Washington CDC


In the photo, Ali Ibrahim, and Mesfin Beshir to his left. Photo credit to Runta News.  

In an official letter to members of the Board of Directors of OSWWCDC, Ali Ibrahim has become the vice president of Oregon and Southwest Washington African Community Development Center. The letter, which was signed by president of the organization, Mesfin Beshir and a copy was sent to Runta News was written as follows:

“I am happy to inform you about Mr. Ali Ibrahim’s appointment as the Vice President for the Oregon and SW Washington African Community Development Center. Mr. Ali Ibrahim has demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work toward advancing the mission and vision of our organization, making him a valuable addition to our leadership team. Mr. Ali Ibrahim brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role of Vice President, with a proven track record of commitment to community development initiatives. His strategic vision and passion for our mission will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of our organization. His commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility aligns seamlessly with the values of our organization. The combined efforts of Mr. Ibrahim will significantly enhance our ability to serve the community and achieve our organizational goals. Please join me in welcoming him to his new role and expressing our gratitude for his dedication to advancing the mission and vision of the Oregon and SW Washington African Community Development Center. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our shared objectives.”

Ali Ibrahim is the founder of the Oregon Somali Services Center, and he is currently serving as its executive director.  Oregon and SW Washington Community Development Center is an umbrella organization which was solely established to unite the African Community-Based Organizations in and around Oregon state. It has up to 7 organizations in its coalition and it intends to bring more so the African diaspora will be better served and have stronger voice around the tables of decision making.