Afro Deli, a Symbol of a Somali Success Story


By Mohamud Yussuf for Runta News 

Abdirahman Isse Kahin has become the first Somali ever small businesses person of the year. This week he met US President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris and many other US top leaders to receive his 2023 award. The Somali community of Minnesota is proud of this achievement and celebrating with him for lifting their entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr. Kahin is the founder of Afro Deli which has lately become a franchise chain restaurant in Minnesota and beyond. During the Pandemic, the restaurant distributed tons of food to people who needed assistance because of the lockdowns. It also normally gives give away prepared food during the Ramadan to Muslim families in Minneapolis area.

Abdirahman Isse Kahin is one of the rare Somali leaders who uses his success to motivate others. He often pays visits to other Somali communities across the United State. As the editor of Runta New, I met Kahin in Washington, DC 2019 during Somali Diaspora Summit, and in Seattle, Washington during a Youth Summit organized by East African Community Services. We asked Kahin if he is considering expanding his business to the west coast, especially in the Seattle area to which he replied he might if he finds the right people and partners. Kahin is also a motivational speaker who encourages young entrepreneurs to start their own business.

Afro Deli specializes the Somali food which included goat meat and rice plus samosas, anjera, suqar eaten with bananas. Team Runta indeed of him as he and his restaurant have taken Somali food into another level never have reached before. Read more about Afro Deli at