Five Ways to Avoid Getting Sick


Runta News, Seattle

Dr. Mia Shim, the Chief Medical Officer, and Community Health Services of Public Health – Seattle & King County explains 5 ways to avoid getting sick. She also offers information about how and where to get vaccination and insurance during this cold and flu season.

Talking to Runta News at King County Public Health Kent Vaccination Clinic, Dr. Shim encouraged the community to protect themselves in the coming weeks and months. She presented these five simple steps if followed, the community will stay healthy:

1- Get vaccinated. Stay up to date with flu, COVID-19, and RSV vaccinations.

2- Wear a mask in crowded spaces. Put on a mask when you’re elbow to elbow with others.

3- Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash.

4- Keep good airflow indoors. Open windows and use fans.

5- Get enough sleep & nutritious foods. Help your body stay healthy.

Dr. Shim also talked about the availability of vaccines throughout pharmacies in king County and health centers. Some of those pharmacies and clinics the vaccines can be found are CVS, Walgreens, Othello Station Pharmacy, Health Point, Sea Mar, ICHS, and NeighborCare. She also mentioned that the vaccines those centers offer are available to all from 6 months and older whether insured, not insured, and under insured.

Talking specifically about COVID-19 vaccines some of which CDC has approved such as Pfizer and Moderna, she assured that they are totally very safe and are helpful to everybody whether they are healthy or have underlying health conditions. “Those vaccines also prevent something called “long COVID” which is long term symptoms like brain fog, confusion, fatigue, pain and ache” she added.   

This message of the Public Health – Seattle & King County is clear; we are not out of the woods yet. the pandemic is still with us. Masks are advised in all public spaces and the best protection is prevention; therefore, vaccines are the most effective and cheapest way to avoiding getting sick.