Construction Reduces Link Service Beginning Monday, Jan. 6


Construction reduces Link service for 10 weeks beginning Monday, Jan. 6

Sound Transit, Seattle

If you normally connect from Sounder to Link light rail, be prepared for major Link service changes beginning this weekend and lasting until March 15.

For the next 10 weeks, crews are building tracks to connect International District/Chinatown Station to the new East Link tracks that will bring light rail to Judkins Park, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond in 2023. 

We’re keeping Link trains running during this heavy construction, but we are reducing service. 4-car trains will run every 12 minutes during all service hours. Expect more crowded trains and allow extra time to connect to/from Sounder.  

Link will operate as two lines, with trains from Angle Lake and UW both ending at Pioneer Square. If you are continuing beyond Pioneer Square, you will change trains via a new center platform.  

If you wish to avoid changing trains at Pioneer Square, you can walk from King Street Station to Pioneer Square directly, a 3-block walk to 3rd & Yesler. Alternatively, you can board any northbound bus on 4th Avenue and S. Jackson St. to continue downtown. To reach King Street, you can board southbound buses on 2nd Avenue. Be aware that 2nd Avenue buses have their last downtown stop at either Yesler Way, S. Washington St. or S. Jackson St. If you ride a 2nd Avenue bus you may still need to walk a couple blocks to King Street.

Stay in the loop during construction by signing up for Link Rider Alerts and visiting the Connect 2020 website. Staff and security will be onsite at downtown stations to answer your questions.