African Diaspora of Oregon Show Appreciation to Runta News


The photo from left Sunday, Mesfin, Zion, and Patrick after the discussion about the programs their organizations offer to the larger African Diaspora in Oregon. 

Photo and writing by Mohamud Yussuf 

When Runta News normally goes out there, sometimes more than a hundred miles beyond its border to cover the services that our community organizations offer to our people, we rarely receive written thank you letters. We have recently met in Portland, Oregon three organizations that sincerely serve their communities and conducted interviews with their leaders to find out what kind of programs they offer their respective communities. These figure heads we have met and conducted interview with were Sunday T. Tabu, the founder and executive director of GIASAG, Patrick Bisetsa, the President & Director AMANI Organization, and Mesfin Beshir, Founder & President of the Africa Community Development Center

These three organizations are part of 9 African Organizations some of which are much bigger than its sum such as the African Youth & Community Organization which has recently purchased a new building in Portland with $3.6 million. This makes AYCO the first of its kind of any African Organization that has ever achieved owning its facility in the State of Oregon. AYCO’s mission is to settle the past, engage the present, and hope for the future. Find out more about its impressive programs at AYCO, thanks to the leadership of its founder and executive director, Jamal Daar.

The Thank You Note

Here is the letter of appreciation we have received from those organizations and written by Mesfin Beshir on behalf of his fellows. We felt the content of this letter is too precious to keep only to ourselves but to share with the larger community so they can learn a lesson from it.  

“On behalf of The Oregon and SW Washington African Community Development Center, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support and visit to our organization. Your presence not only brought visibility to our cause but also inspired and uplifted our community.

Your dedication to journalism and your commitment to shedding light on important community initiatives like ours is truly commendable. The coverage provided by Runta News has significantly contributed to raising awareness about the challenges and triumphs faced by African communities in our region.

We are sincerely grateful for your efforts in amplifying our mission and bringing attention to the vital work we do. Your presence during your visit was greatly appreciated, and it provided an opportunity for our community members to engage with you directly, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude for your ongoing support and for being a champion of our cause. We look forward to continued collaboration and partnership in the future.

Warm regards,

Mefin Beshir

African CDC, Portland, Oregon.”

Please find out more about the interview we had with the group last week here @ Runta News Channel. Zion Mesfin runs the interview as a volunteer reporter on behalf of Runta News Media.