Mayor Durkan Signs a Resolution that Supports I-1000


Runta News- Seattle 

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan surrounded by African American leaders officially signed yesterday at her office a resolution that supports Initiative 1000 which is on the ballot this November.  Seattle City Council recently passed the Resolution urging Seattle’s more than 460,000 Voters to Approve Initiative 1000 on Referendum 88. Mayor Durkan’s signing of Resolution # 31913 makes Seattle, Washington State’s first city to publicly endorse Initiative 1000, Washington’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Act, enacted by the Washington State Legislature, April 28, 2019. 

Mayor Durkan was also joined by Seattle City Council President and Resolution Sponsor Bruce Harrell, APPROVE I-1000 Chair and former Washington State Representative Jesse Wineberry and other I-1000 supporters. The Initiative would allow the state to remedy discrimination for certain groups and to implement affirmative action, without the use of quotas or preferential treatment (as defined), in public education, employment, and contracting.