Hamdi Abdulle Receives Martin Luther King, Jr. Medal of Distinguished Service


Hamdi Abdulle’s Commitment to Immigrant and Underserved Communities Recognized by Council Chair McDermott
January Runta/Metropolitan KC Council News-Seattle.
For Hamdi Abdulle, it started as a desire to make sure the residents of her housing development—primarily people newly arrived in the United States from east Africa— received the services they needed to become part of the community. What it has grown into is the Somali Youth and Family Club. Abdulle’s work was recognized by Metropolitan King County Council Chair Joe McDermott when he presented Abdulle the Martin Luther King, Jr. Medal of Distinguished Service.
“Hamdi Abdulle’s leadership in our region is inspirational,” said McDermott. “She has taken on the most important challenge – providing a foundation for the growth and success of children and their families in the East African communities of King County. Hamdi leads with a servant’s heart, and her work ripples across the entire region making our county a safe and wonderful place for all families to live and thrive.”
Born and raised in Somalia, Abdulle came together with other residents of the Creston Point Apartments in South Seattle to discuss the needs of refugee families, ranging from simple representation in the communities they lived to translation services, after school programs and culturally focused human service programs. Out of that meeting, the Somali Youth and Family Club was formed.
Abdulle is Executive Director of Somali Youth and Family Club, which has grown into an organization serving families throughout South Seattle and cities in South King County. It provides housing services, citizenship classes, employment training, and ELL and afterschool programs.
Abdulle is one of nine residents living across King County whose contributions to their community echo the incredible selfless leadership of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The MLK Medal of Distinguished Service recognizes those who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to make a difference in communities across King County.

CM Joe McDermott (center) maintains a good relationship with communities as he always shows when he is invited into conversations and listening sessions. He recently participated “Community Café” held at Hope Academy in West Seattle which lasted 3 hours. Nedine (left) and Asiya are also paying attention to the needs of Hope Academy which was discussed in the meeting.