BUSINESS Taxi, For Hire, and TNC Drivers Finally Get Vaccine As Soon As Next Week


Ahmed Mohamed Mahamud, a driver and unionist who we spent time with him today would not hesitate to be among the first who receive, and would encourage his colleagues to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Good news has finally arrived for TNC, Taxi, and For Hire Drivers. An email Runta News received from City of Seattle today confirmed that drivers would receive their vaccinations as soon as this coming Wednesday.

The short email was written as this, “Good news! Taxi, flat-rate for-hire, and Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers in King County are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in Phase 1B Tier 2, which is tentatively scheduled to begin March 17, 2021.”

Records and Licensing Services (RALS) has confirmed with Public Health – Seattle & King County that taxi, flat-rate for-hire, and TNC drivers are all included in the “public transit” category of critical workers according to the state Department of Health.  Other private car services transporting 4 or less people are not included in this phase.

Drivers can use the state Department of Health’s tool at to confirm their eligibility. When answering questions about eligibility, drivers should answer that they are a critical worker in public transit. In the phase finder tool, these questions look like this:




Once drivers have confirmed their eligibility, they can contact their regular healthcare provider to schedule a vaccine appointment (if available) or visit the state Department of Health’s website and use the Vaccine Locations tool to find a clinic convenient to them.

For more information on COVID-19, visit”