Muslim Housing’s Move to Mega $95 Million


The photo from left: King County Executive Dow Constantine, Dr. Wardah Kashmiri, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, and the Executive Director of Muslim Housing Services Rizwan Rizwi. Photo by Mohamud Yussuf, Runta News. 

After Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony of taking over the Life Change Church in South Seattle by Muslim Housing Services and Bellwether Company, Dr. Wardah Saleem Kashmiri, gave her perspective about the project, and appreciation to all who involved and attended the event which she beautifully organized. The Life Change Church would be replaced by high-rise building which would house more than 130 families plus permanent offices for Muslim Housing, and facilities for residents. The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries who were included US Congressman Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

In a piece Dr. Wardah Kashmiri wrote on her Facebook page, she expressed her excitement by starting with this line, “So happy to have been part of a great cause.”

Muslim Housing Services have a great policy of helping the needy, domestic cases, low income families, refugees, immigrants, families facing evictions and you name it.

To add more to their policy, they help people stand on their own two feet so as to make them independent.

Absolutely loved meeting the dignitaries present at the Groundbreaking event yesterday. Had a chance to chitchat with all amazing personalities and have personal soulful conversations. 

(Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, King County Executive, Dow Constantine, US Congressman, Adam Smith, Sheikh Fazal of Bellevue Masjid, President of Board MHS, brother Omar Maabreh and CEO of Bellwether, Susan Boyd)

Brother Rizwan Rizwi you are an amazing leader and friend and you without any doubt deserve the success that comes to MHS at all times. Your dedication and determination is commendable. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. Thank you for trusting me with your projects.

Team MHS, you all are the support system that keep MHS going. Thank you!

Brothers Roble, Ali, Seid, Esteban, Khalid, Seth, and Sister linlin.

Special Thank you to Asima Rizwi and kids for helping out with all last minute prep. I wouldnt be able to focus on other stuff if it wasnt for you all. A big hug to the adorable boys, Salman, Shiraz and Sameer.

A huge applause for Saba Ali for beautifying the event with her DIY decor. Lovely and mesmerising. Not a person who didnt smile at the soothing blue/white/gold look she added.

Thank you Saima Rizvi for an amazing job with preparing giveaways and favours keeping in mind the theme of our Groundbreaking ceremony. Shovel keyrings with MHS tag and hard hat water bottles! SuperHit of the event!

Cant finish the post without mentioning Syeda Saima Riaz for the delicious scrumptious food she prepared for the guests. Her home catering is a must to try. Her high tea items were gobbled down by all. The flavourful taste and beautiful presentation was so pleasing to the eyes and satisfying to the tatse buds. Cant forget the coolness of the fresh mint and lemon iced drink she prepared as welcome drinks for the guests.

Want to add the menu as well;

Turkey sandwiches, egg sandwiches, beef patty sliders, barbecue chicken with veggies, chicken puff patties, cream cheese croissant, potato tots, fries, russian salad, bean salad, fruit platter, baba ganoush, hummus with pita bread, cake custard pudding and vanilla cake!

Thank you everyone who attended and made this ceremony even more auspicious and memorable.

Have to mention Mohamud Yussuf for his excellent news coverage and such a positive vibe and absolutely thrilled to have welcomed the Seattle Police department specially police officer Jojo Cambronero, amazing soul, my daughters were excited to speak with him.

Waiting to see you all once the project to house many more needy families is complete!

Last but not the least If Shoaib Haider Siddiqui did not support me, I wouldn’t be able to work on this one bit. So, thank you Hubby, I dont say it often but I appreciate you and our daughters for y’all’s never ending support. Love my girls Rania Siddiqui, Mariam and Aisha.

Sorry for the long post”

Dr. Wardah Saleem Kashmiri is the project manager at the Muslim Housing Services which has been offering housing or rent assistants to Muslims and non-Muslims in Seattle area more than two decades. More pics about the event or ceremony you find here  (1) Facebook