Doing Business as Mainstream


Bille Consulting Leadership Team from left Farah Bille, Mohamed Shidane, Katherine Shulock, and Ahmed Hassan. Bille’s motto is “Every client is unique! We tailor our services to address YOUR needs”.

By Mulki Mohamed (Mulki Limited) for Runta News- Seattle

For the first time, some of the best minds of our community unite to create rare service businesses that could be one-stop-shop for those who deal with Somali, Muslim, and East African communities in the Seattle area. This new entity brings together dedicated business-minded men and women who have a passion for community advancement.

“I have had the privilege of working with Farah Bille Mohamed of Bille Consulting for the last four years. We have been conducting community-partnered research together utilizing qualitative and mixed-methods research approaches…This work would not be possible, and certainly, not at the caliber, it is without Farah…I recommend he and his team with my highest recommendation.” said Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn,  MD, MPH, University of Washington.

Farah Bille, the founder, and general manager of the Consulting Group describes his team as highly motived and driven by success. “Over the years, our passion has been helping organizations become more innovative and productive”, he proudly added.

The group’s main specialty is research and translation and works closely with the University of Washington which is one of their valued clients. Their assessments, training, research, and processes enable organizations to leverage differences as a competitive advantage and create inclusive cultures for everyone.  

The team consists of consultants with expert proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative studies. Abdullah Jama, a veteran community leader, expressed his joy that the community found a way to pool their talents and efforts together to form such an amazing business. “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring”, said Catherine Pulsifer who is an important part of the team. Bille Consulting Group team members speak multiple languages and provide quality services. They pride themselves on the quality of their work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bille Consulting is continuously seeking new minds that could best contribute to the wellbeing of the community while, on the other hand, achieving their potentials through this uniquely community-owned enterprise. Bille provides training, workshops, and develop curriculums for organizations to create conducive work that is suitable for diverse ethnicities, national origins, and backgrounds.

Farah’s 10 diverse team members are 1- Mustafa Ahmed 2- Abdullahi Aden 3- Zahra Abukar 4- Katherine L Shulock 5- Abdullahi Jama 6- Mohamed Mohamud 7- Mohamed Albirair 8- Ahmed Aden Hassan 9- Mohamed Shidane, and 10 Farah Bille Mohamed. For more info you can visit where you find more about the dedicated members and services