Autistic Rapper, Six Days Sold Out Movie Screenings


By Safiye Senturk for Runta News Media 

Fantasy A Gets a Mattress—is a dark comedy that follows the journey of Fantasy A, a struggling autistic rapper in Seattle (who acts as himself). The film has a large ensemble cast that includes the stories of many other characters. Hamza Adan, a Somali actor, plays a small supporting role as a struggling artist living in group housing. Since its release in April, the film has already won a very prestigious Best Narrative Feature award at the Seattle Black Film Festival—and received positive media attention from NPR and Runta News. Some of the themes the movie addresses are the housing crisis, autism, disability, financial struggle, and the challenge of being an artist in a hostile environment.

“I have some problems… but not all of them,” Fantasy A tells himself. Despite autism, flakey friends, control freak landlords, and zero music scene, he still plans on becoming Seattle’s greatest rapper ever. With his sneakers firmly on the sidewalk, Fantasy A navigates his way through an ensemble cast of new friends all drifting away into their own cloudy dreamworlds. Asia Rose wants to make movies (or maybe make music), Zander wants to be a bigshot financier (or maybe make music), and Ramon wants to run a dojo (or maybe go back to being a guidance counselor).

Way, way above their cloud world is Lil Rude Puss, the regionally famous hip-hop star who everything revolves around. When Lil Rude Puss announces her big Seattle comeback after years away from the city, Fantasy A and friends see it as their opportunity to make it big. But how big is it even possible to get?

Here is a link of the preview trailer can be viewed here:

Current Upcoming Screenings

July 9th – 2pm – The Beacon Cinema

July 9th – 9pm – The Beacon Cinema

July 11th – 7.30pm – The Beacon Cinema

August 4 – 6.45pm – See Film Cinema (downtown Bremerton, WA)