Tiny House Village Opens in Seattle’s Central Area Tiny House Village Opens in Seattle’s Central Area


Seattle, WA – A new Tiny House Village will be opening at 22nd Ave and E Union St. in Seattle’s Central Area at the end of this month. Property owner, the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, in partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and Nickelsville will host the tiny house community on church-owned land. The village will contain 15 tiny houses, a toilet pavilion, a shower pavilion, a kitchen/dining tent and a donation tent to be located at 1419-22nd Avenue. The village provides safe housing for individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness. The village will be managed by Nickelsville, a self managed community, in partnership with LIHI, who will provide social workers and assistance to move the residents into permanent housing. The village was developed as an innovative crisis response to homelessness by moving people into tiny houses instead of tents. Nickelsville will still maintain its two tent encampments, currently located at 1010 S. Dearborn St. and 2826 NW Market Street. “Joining hands with the homeless is a vital part of our mission of reaching out to ALL of our neighbors,” says Pastor Steven Olsen. “Our congregation has cherished its partnership with Nickelsville over the past six years, especially as we have been privileged to welcome the camp to our property for a year, and to continue as their church host in their present location. We are overjoyed to see that partnership expand to include LIHI, Sawhorse Revolution, the Tulalip Tribes, and many others who are working together to create this beautiful new village. To us it is a powerful sign of justice, community and healing in a city where the harmful effects of gentrification have largely been allowed to continue unchecked and unchallenged.” LIHI Board President Melinda Nichols adds: “We’re upping the game with this pilot project. We’ve created some wonderful partnerships and have listened to what the residents of Nickelsville want. Currently, emergency shelters are full, families and singles are being turned away and truly affordable housing is hard to find. This tiny house village will help transition people into more stable housing while in community with others. We’re working with some great partners to create safe and comfortable homes. We hope to see this model replicated and improved upon over time.”


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