The New Executive Director of Somali Youth and Family Club


Runta News-Seattle

A press release issued by the Board of Directors confirms that the Somali Youth and Family Club Board of Directors announced Asha Mohamed as Executive Director, effective December 17, 2018. “The appointment was made after a careful selection process by search panel led by the Board of Directors and included stakeholders such as funding partners and staff” the release said.

Asha has worked nationally and internationally in community development and has been an advocate for immigrant and vulnerable communities throughout her career. She is a passionate advocate, a transformative leader, who intends to work hard to join the mission of change for stronger communities. Asha holds degrees from University of Washington and Dante Alighieri University in Italy. She brings exceptional experience with her work at local level (City of Seattle), regional level (King County) and federal level (Housing & Urban Development).

Members of the community have applauded the move and congratulated Asha for her new role. Saciido Shaie, a famous community activist and advocate who recently visited Seattle has felt so happy on the news. Staff member Kelsey Dale was also delighted by Asha’s take over the organization.

Additionally, Asha has a wealth of experience with nonprofit development and leadership. To highlight few, Asha served as director with Hate Free Zone, and through her role as a board member for Northwest Immigration Rights Project, Refugee Women’s Alliance, and Fair Housing.

During the transition period, Abdi Fayoke led SYFC as a champion of change and hard work. We are pleased to have Abdi continue his work with SYFC as our Financial Officer. We look forward to a stronger SYFC with his continued work.

SYFC, in its 11th year is envisioning a brighter future with Asha at its helm. Growth requires policy change from organization level to state and federal levels by enacting laws that will help our communities prosper. Asha believes in the mission, vision, and goals of SYFC and will work to uphold organizational policies to bring about meaningful partnerships for stronger families and stronger community.

About SYFC:

Somali Youth and Family Club is a 501 (c)(3) organization headquartered in Washington State serving the greater King County community with a mission of strengthening families, engaging community, growing students, and building citizens of today and tomorrow. SYFC served more than 1,000 families in 2018, over 10,000 since its inception, in rehousing and prevention of homelessness, after-school programs for students and providing various immediate assistance to refugees and immigrants within King County.  SYFC envisions a world in which vulnerable communities are protected and have the access and opportunities to thrive.