“Support One America Votes”, Olow


Dear Community Member,

In the election, we fought hard to flip Republican seats, supporting Black women like Jamila Taylor and T’wina Nobles’ rise to leadership. Now it is time to stand by them as they enter elected office and fight to keep their pro-immigrant vision strong.

Will you donate to realize our vision of co-governance, where people of color, immigrants, and allies are fully represented and fought for?

Now that we have doubled the number of legislators of color serving in Olympia, it is time to carry out our vision of co-governance to ensure that our voices are heard. That means supporting Black women who are entering a space that wasn’t built for them and can be hostile. It also means making sure they have the public support and accountability to fight for the big change they committed to.

We can’t do this work without your support. A gift to OneAmerica Votes today allows us to support elected leaders in fighting for our pro-immigrant vision.