Othello Station Pharmacy – Empowering Community through Health Entrepreneurship


Dr. Tache, left, and Dr. Ahmed are ready to serve soon clients as the opening day approaches

Runta News-Seattle, Washington

Southeast Seattle soon will have its first East African/Somali led semi medical center called “Othello Station Pharmacy”. Dr. Ahmed Ali, Pharm.D and Dr. Abdirahman Tache, Pharm.D, have taken on a significant milestone to empower and bring a pharmacy that will serve all communities of Southeast Seattle and South King County. As the new owners of this independent pharmacy, they bring more than 20 years of combined pharmacy experiences, with both managing experiences at Walgreens and Walmart pharmacies, respectively.

The Othello/MLK corridor was once an area with few medical health services.  But, over the past several years, more family and pediatric clinics and dental offices, have located in this neighborhood to assure more and better access to medical care. The neighborhood is delighted to welcome a new independent pharmacy: Othello Station Pharmacy is located in the Othello Station building, across from the Othello light rail station on the southeast corner of MLK and Othello.

Othello Station Pharmacy was founded and run by Dr. Ahmed Ali, PharmD and Dr. Abdirahman Tache, PharmD, who have more experiences and are members of the Community Health Boards Coalition.  The community run Health Boards Coalition specializes in serving the diverse populations, including Southeast Seattle, has also had a big impact in addressing health disparities in the area.

When asked why he chose this neighborhood for the pharmacy, Dr. Ahmed Ali said, “Othello Station Pharmacy is the perfect place for a locally-owned, independent pharmacy. As an individual who grew up in this area and spent years addressing health disparities, I recognize the need and I know the community values this kind of personalized medicine you can’t get with big chains. As an independent pharmacy, we’re able to take more time with our patients and provide superior patient care and services.”

The Rainier Chamber will join the Othello Station Pharmacy to celebrate the latest additional of health care services with a ribbon cutting ceremony, welcoming this important small business whose principals and staff understand and are ready to serve Southeast Seattle’s diverse ethnicities’ health needs. 

Othello Station Pharmacy’s tagline is Independent, Community owned, Friendly Service!

“We’re excited to come back to the heart of our community and the growing Southeast Seattle community and provide a personalized pharmacy experiences” said Dr. Ali. Along with the usual prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine, Othello Station Pharmacy will also provide uniquely needed prenatal, childrens’ and adults halal multivitamins, all immunizations including travel vaccines and a medication safety deposit kiosk to get rid of unneeded prescriptions to fight opioid epidemic.

Southeast Seattle and South King County is now equipped with a frontline pharmacy staff that can answer all your pharmacy needs. Neighbors and friends are invited to attend the Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Thursday, November 15, 2018, 3:00-5:00pm at the Othello Station Pharmacy, 4219 S Othello St #105F, Seattle, WA 98118

Dr. Tache, left, and Dr. Ali are excited about their new pharmacy which is due to open on November 15. Photos by Mohamud Yussuf

For more info about the pharmacy, you can visit this website: https://stores.healthmart.com/othellostationpharmacy/stores.aspx