New Book Refutes Inaccurate Notions on Islam! New Book Refutes Inaccurate Notions on Islam!


Author Syed Ali looks to restore true ideals of Islam after centuries of distortion

SYDNEY, Australia– There are close to 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, and according to the Pew Research Center, Islam is the fastest growing organized religion. Despite the continued spread of Islam, misconceptions and misunderstandings of Islamic teachings often tarnish the reputation of the entire belief system. In A Closer Look at Islam, author Syed Ali looks to stop the spread of misinformation, educating critics and believers alike on the history and ideology of the world’s second largest religion.

His book dispels false allegations against Islam, examines the difficulties in understanding the Quran and the complexities of Islamic history, and helps the reader understand the true teachings of the faith. Additionally, Ali’s work showcases material in an unbiased manner and thoroughly counters slanders of Islam.

“We’ve seen a steep rise in Islamophobia in recent times, with false claims arising from plain ignorance,” Ali said. “This has resulted in negative attitudes towards the Muslim community. Critics seem to be unaware that over time, Islamic history has failed to crystallize into one uniform version.  A Closer Look at Islam attempts to explain the teachings of Islam from material that is acceptable to all Muslims.”   

“A Closer Look at Islam”

By Syed B. Ali

ISBN: 9781524516994 (hardcover), 9781524516987 (softcover), 9781524516970 (e-book)

Available at  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris

About the author

Syed Ali is the author of “A Closer Look at Islam,” a book which dissects common misconceptions about the popular religion. Ali is passionate about stopping the spread of misinformation that has misrepresented Islamic teachings, and instead hopes to inform believers and non-believers of Islam’s true credos and doctrines.