“My Halal Kitchen”, a New Cook-Book!


“My Halal Kitchen” is a new cookbook which is due to arrive the book markets next month, July 2016. It is the first of its kind we ever read. The book shares more than 100 halal-friendly recipes for classic dishes—from American comfort to French, Asian, Latin, and Italian favorites—as well as invaluable tips for sourcing or making Halal substitutes. Author Yvonne Maffei, describes her new book a one that she needed at home, and thinks that will bring much value to other homes too. She said one of her recently interviews to the media that people think eating and cooking halal is just too difficult, which simply isn’t true. “There is so much out there that is halal, and it’s just a matter of sourcing the right ingredients and finding the companies or artisans that make them” she added.



“My Halal Kitchen” opens with chapters that break down the basics of halal cooking and outline common non-halal ingredients, where they most frequently pop up in cuisine, halal replacements, and how to purchase or prepare them at home. The book, organized by cuisine, offers dozens of traditionally non-halal recipes from almost all continents.  


Maffei’s recipes emphasizes fresh, local ingredients. As she points out, the halal lifestyle dovetails beautifully with current trends toward living historically and using locally sourced organic ingredients. Literarily every part of the farm-to-fork cycles has significance in halal.  Some of the recipes include: Korean Beef Bulgogi, Japanese Beef Teriyaki, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Spaghetti Carbonara, Shredded Goat Taco, Egg Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, Penne with the Vodka and many more.

“My Halal Kitchen” is very well written book and printed with high quality photos; therefore, is a must read book. We recommend to all Muslims in the Western World to have a copy in their kitchens so they can taste all kinds of dishes without compromising their duty to their faith.    


Born in Ohio to Sicilian and Puerto Rican parents, Yvonne Maffei grew up appreciating many diverse cuisines. After becoming Muslim, she learned how to incorporate her favorite childhood dishes, American comfort foods, and dishes she discovered while studying abroad into her familiy’s halal customs. Her recipes specialize in adhering to halal standards while also focusing on all-natural, organic ingredients. She currently lives with her family.


More than 2.6 million Muslims live in America, and many follow a halal diet, eating only foods that allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. The Author who started her next journey to next book, is the founder of the very popular website http://myhalalkitchen.com/ which has earned a vast following both in the United States and internationally.