Morales Endorses Moon!


Cary Moon, a Candidate for Seattle Mayor!

A Press release issued by Tammy Morales’ office urges communities to vote for Cary Moon for Seattle Mayor this November. Morales described Moon as a progressive leader whose policies and expertise will greatly benefit all people. Tammy Morales is well known politician community leader, activist, advocate, and organizer and her letter Runta we have received was written as.

“Dear Neighbors,

I’m writing to ask a favor. Seattle is at a critical juncture and stands to lose our diversity, character and moral compass. I’m excited about the potential for new leadership in this city.

 Whether or not you’ve made a decision about who to support for Mayor, I hope you’ll take a minute to let me share my reasons for supporting Cary Moon for Mayor. For me, this isn’t just about her integrity or authenticity. I trust Cary to make the hard decisions that will bring back the humanity our city leaders need.

 Our next mayor must offer a vision, to bring relevant expertise, inclusive and effective leadership, and political courage to ensure all Seattleites can continue to live in our city.

  • After years of inequality in Seattle’s housing, transportation, and economy, it’s time for a new kind of leadership in Seattle.
  • Corporate special interests have too much influence over City Hall. Their old ideas benefit their bottom lines over positive outcomes for Seattle residents.
  • Seattle’s affordability crisis is at a tipping point, but City Hall lacks the vision, expertise and moral courage to address housing costs, homelessness, mobility and equity.

The Experience Seattle Needs Now

Cary is the only candidate with the urban expertise and Seattle-focused leadership experience. We need her to address the root causes of the biggest threats to our city’s affordability, equity and mobility. Cary’s proven record and experience includes:

  • Respected expert working with City of Seattle departments, commissions, and committees on public works, planning, and transportation for more than 20 years.
  • Drove the debate around improving Seattle’s public spaces for everyone, with visioning waterfront and neighborhood planning.
  • Proven Seattle leadership bringing coalitions together on campaign finance reform, transportation, housing affordability, and more.

 I’m especially impressed with Cary’s vision for sharing prosperity in our city.

 Seattle’s progressive values and our enviable wealth mean that our city should provide access to prosperity for everyone. Cary will address our regressive tax structure that simply isn’t providing enough revenue to invest in schools, housing, transit and the infrastructure we all need to thrive.

 Cary wants Seattle to be a world leader in investing in women’s success, because when women are secure and self-reliant, we all benefit. She’ll require annual reporting on pay to ensure racial and gender equity in all city departments and businesses with more than 100 employees; ban the use of salary history in hiring decisions; protect those who report pay discrimination; protect the rights of freelancers; and provide an example to the rest of the country of what women’s healthcare must look like. As Mayor, Cary has committed that her leadership team will be at least half women, LGBTQ and people of color.

 If you agree that Cary offers the kind of visionary, experienced leadership Seattle needs, please:

Donate to Cary’s Campaign:

Volunteer for Cary:

VOTE for CARY MOON by November 7th!

In community,


Tammy Morales, an effective advocate and community leader