“Mogadishu, the United States of America”, New Documentary


Nabeel Abe Sa’ab and Abdirizak Bihi. The whole interview has taken place in a car while they drove a place to place to cover the Somali community in Minnesota.

Photo Illustration by Mulki Mohamed

A new documentary on the US Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, has been recently released by one of the most popular Arab Tv Channels called “Al Eraby”. The documentary, which was entirely recorded in Washington, DC especially at the Capitol Building, and in Minnesota focuses mainly on the rise of the Congresswoman and her journey to the Nation’s Capital.

Nabeel Abe Sa’ab, the producer and presenter of the Tv program called “Eynil Meckan” or Source Place, conducts many interviews with the Somali Community who call Minnesota home. One of the interviewees, Abdirizak Bihi, an activist and long-time resident of the State describes the Congresswoman “fearless fighter who is proud of her identity”.  Nabeel introduces Minneapolis, as “Mogadishu” which is the Capital of Somalia because of the huge Somali community who live in the City. 

“They cannot stand that a refugee, a black woman, and an immigrant, and a Muslim, shows up in Congress thinking she is equal to them” says Ilhan as a intro for the Documentary while dressed in her beautiful colorful Muslim clothing. Before diving into the details of the documentary, Nabeel comes with another powerful remarks as he introduces his documentary, “The City of Minneapolis has made a history and elected Ilhan Omar to be among the first Muslim Women in the US Congress. Also, to be the first American of Somali origin elected high political position in the United States of America which is a path Ilhan has taken to establish a new era for immigrant women in the United States” “Welcome to Mogadishu, in the United States and welcome to Eynil Meckan” he concludes in his introduction.

Ilan, surrounded by her family and excited supporters, comes in immediately to start her historical journey. The 27 minutes documentary presents powerful clips,pictures, and voices of the Somali community who the producer describe them as pollical savvy people who wherever they go, their presence is felt. The documentary also interviews other community members such as business owners, Imams, politicians, and members of the community who were all energized by the victory of Ilhan has achieved on behalf of them. They all recognize without mainstream American allies, Ilhan would not have become the person she is now.

Abdirizak Bihi who is costarring the documentary with Ilhan give the main credit to former Keith Ellison who was the first Muslim Congressman ever elected in the US Congress, and now is the State Attorney. “Here is in Minnesota, we don’t only welcome immigrants. We send them to Washington” tell Ilhan to enthusiastic supporters who will erupt with cheers soon after.

“How Ilan Omar secured to penetrate the pollical establishment in here” is the next question the presenter will explore in Eynil Meckan program. The beautifully made documentary also explores the Somali lives in Minnesota as they meet many members of the community who speak from the heart to show their proudness of Ilhan who also becomes Trump’s Nightmare. The full must watch documentary which mostly in Arabic can be found here.