“Lords of the Creek,” by Tony Nwaka


In his new novel, “Lords of the Creek,” Nigerian public policy consultant Tony Nwaka underscores the current volatility of the oil-rich Niger Delta into a social and political thriller about a Nigerian oil businessman who is drawn into centuries-old conflicts during his attempt to rescue an abducted princess within the region.

Through his novel, Nwaka hopes to invite attention to the forces militating against the development of the Niger Delta and promote interethnic harmony within the region.

“By incorporating the links between interethnic tensions, opportunism of the oil mafia, interests of multinational oil companies and the government’s efforts to maintain peace in the area, I hope to shine a light on the Niger Delta crises that endanger Nigeria today,” Nwaka said.

Answering few questions we have asked and about Somalia which has been searching oil which may enable it soon to join the oil producing countries, Nwaka said, “Weak institutions of governance make it difficult for African states to effectively manage not just oil resource but all other natural resources. Every country has its peculiar challenge. Somalia might as well be the shining example of efficient resource management if it has strong institutions. Oil companies are definitely part of the problem. They feed on the contradictions in oil bearing states. Oil rich countries need to develop their institutions of governance to be able to effectively manage the commonwealth”.


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