Latest Report on Vaccine Basics and Effectiveness


Public Health-Seattle & King County develop every month a new report to update the public about the latest facts and statistics on the vaccine and the virus, and this is latest report Runta has received from one of its officials, Christina Bradic. File photo: Mohamud Yussuf of Runta News.

Vaccine Basics

  • The vaccine is safe, effective, and free
  • Everyone over 12 years old is eligible for the vaccine, regardless of citizenship, immigration, or health insurance status
  • Information about COVID-19 and getting a vaccine is available at king
  • If someone has questions about COVID-19 or the vaccine, they can call 206‑477‑3977 between 8am – 7pm and translation is available.
Vaccine Effectiveness
  • In July 2021 in King County, Washington:
    • – 81% of cases are not fully vaccinated
    • – 89% of COVID-related hospitalizations are not fully vaccinated
    • – 91% of COVID-related deaths are not fully vaccinated.
  • In July 2021, King County residents who are NOT fully vaccinated were:
    • – 10 times more likely to test positive for COVID
    • – 15 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 
    • – 12 times more likely to die due to COVID-19-related illness.
  • Only 0.1% of COVID 19 cases in King County occur in someone who has has the vaccine.
  • CoV-19 vaccination works extremely well in preventing serious CoV-19 infections as intended, even against the Delta Variant. Vaccinated people are MUCH, MUCH less likely to develop and spread CoV-19 infections than unvaccinated people.