Demand of Your Representative To Save TPS for Somalia


This week, the Trump administration is deciding whether to allow Somalis — fleeing ongoing war, floods, disease, famine, and persecution — to remain in the United States. 

We have just days to convince Congress to force the Trump administration to save Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Somali families in the U.S. so that they’re not deported into harm’s way. 

Will you get loud today?

Demand Representative Adam Smith and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell do everything they can to save TPS for Somalia NOW!

Somalia is facing devastating humanitarian crises: massive flooding, lack of clean water, active armed conflicts between Al-Shabab and the Somali government, the disproportionate persecution of marginalized communities, women, and girls, and widespread food insecurity. The United Nations estimates that 3 million Somali children are not in school, and one in seven children dies before their fifth birthday. 

What’s more is the United States has a direct moral responsibility to the Somali people. U.S. military actions — like incessant secret CIA drone wars — and minimal efforts at diplomacy have helped exacerbate human suffering and continue to jeopardize civilian lives in Somalia.

Yet from the Muslim Ban to Trump’s attacks on refugees and asylum seekers, TPS remains one of the only pathways for Somalis fleeing horrors to seek safety in the U.S. TPS allows protection from deportation for Somalis if their dignity, freedoms, and lives would be at risk. And right now, deporting Somalis to an active war-zone and humanitarian crisis could be akin to a death sentence. 

TPS for Somalia is a necessary lifeline that must be protected.

Our grassroots pressure helped win an extension of TPS for Yemen last year. That was far from enough — but it’s proof that we can influence the Trump administration’s decisions on TPS. 

That’s why we have to make as much noise as possible right now to pressure Congress to do everything they can to save TPS for Somalia this month. Are you with me?

Act now: Tell Rep. Smith and Sens. Murray and Cantwell to save TPS for Somalia!

It’s simple. TPS saves lives. Right now, Somalis are at risk of dying from airstrikes, armed conflict, and famine — fueled by our own reckless foreign policy. It’s horrific. Deporting Somali families back to humanitarian crises should not be an option on the table. So together, let’s save TPS for Somalis. 

Thank you for working for peace,

Annika, Mariam, Tara, and the Win Without War team